A77X reviewed by german online magazine Delamar.de


Berlin, April 25, 2013

The german online magazine delamar.de has reviewed the horizontal designed A77X near-/midfield monitor. Please read an excerpt of the conclusion below.

“As if the A7X had stepped up to another level, the ADAM A77X appears in the lows and the low mids as an optimised model of his smaller brother. The separation into one woofer for all below 400Hz and a second woofer for the higher registers pays off very well. The sound imaging appears to be well balanced and allows for sophisticated analysis of the elements in a mixdown. […]

In this price range the ADAM A77X can convince almost without exception. Therefore I can give four and a half out of five points in my A77X review.”

Felix Baarß, Delamar.de, March 29, 2013

You can find the full review (in german) here.