A77X Review by Audio Technology Magazine


Berlin, May 22, 2012

The first australian review of the A77X has been published by Audio Technology magazine. Please read some passages of that review below:


On first observation it would be fair to assume that the A77X is a two-way design but when you open the boxes you’ll find designations of Speaker A and Speaker B. The A77X is in fact a three-way design with one speaker covering the entire range up to the crossover point at 3kHz. The other speaker is being employed for low frequencies only, rolling off at 400Hz. The three-way design means dedicated left and right speaker positions are employed, with ADAM suggesting that the speaker dedicated to low frequency should be on the inside.

[…] Once reined in, the A77Xs revealed their true character. I played my standard reference tracks, which varied from super smooth ’90s jazz/funk through to current pop and metal. The A77Xs conveyed all with alarming realism. Highs were open and very smooth. Female vocals sounded particularly natural. The mids were revealing without being overly forward. And the lows are particularly authoritative, as you would expect from a three-way design.
Of particular note was the outstanding stereo imaging and enormous sound stage the A77Xs present. The wide dispersion of the ribbon tweeter makes for a larger than usual sweet spot so that guy who insists on sitting in on the mix beside you will be as impressed as you are. It’s not only in the horizontal plane that the A77Xs excel; front to back depth is outstanding with reverberant spaces brilliantly defined and the transients of snares breathtaking.

When mixing, the A77Xs took me a little time to come to terms with – mostly due to the smoothness of the mids and highs. Over time I came to really enjoy them and mixes translated well to other systems.
The A77Xs are a new addition to the ADAM range and with its side orientation will be welcomed by those with big mixing consoles with high meterbridges. I personally would have liked to see a little more control in the EQ department to deal with the inevitable room resonances of project studios. That said, if your finances have stretched to a large console with a high meterbridge then you are probably in a well thought out acoustic space. And it’s in this market these speakers are well and truly aimed. To that end, the Adam A77Xs are an outstanding monitoring solution.

Guy Harrison, Audio Technology Magazine, issue 87/2012