A5X review by german online magazine SCRATCHMIX.de


Berlin, September 18, 2012

ADAM’s second smallest monitor of the AX family, the A5X, has recently been reviewed by a new german online magazine for DJs – ScratchMix. Please read some passages of that review below.


When it comes to budget studio monitors the A5X from ADAM Audio is a stroke of genius. Price, workmanship and sound go very well together and make up the perfect studio monitor that will barely have any competition in its price range. The compact size, the low weight and the powerful performance predistine this speaker for multiple ways of usage. The sound performance is unique for a monitor in this category which above all is down to the incredible abilities of the X-ART tweeter. Various settings and the ingenious stereolink make the A5X a pleasure to work with. Moreover, this is an allround-monitor that can be used for many applications. The excellent workmanship creates an extra level of confidence in durability of those speakers beside the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

All in all it can be said that the ADAM A5X might be the best choice in a price range up to 350€, or even 400€ per speaker. They can be used in any studio surrounding one can think of and there are only a few tiny drawbacks, if any at all. The used materials and manufacturing techniques make these monitors one of a kind and separate them from comparable models in this price range. The A5X is a recommendation for all DJs and producers who put emphasis on a consistent overall concept.

Paul Voges, ScratchMix.de, August 3, 2012