A5 Reviews: A Wealth of Praise

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Berlin, June 7, 2009

In the short period of time after the release of ADAM’s smallest active speaker, more than a dozen magazines have reviewed the A5.
Here are a very few extracts. For more, please see the download section.

“To deliver such impressive results, driver technology and features for a relatively low price tag is truly an triumph!”
Enjoy the Music.com (USA), 09/2008

“For my money, these are some of the best small monitors I‘ve ever heard, and present major competition for similar models from the likes of Genelec. A great choice for small studios.“
Future Music (GB), 01/2009

“Having this level of quality for less than $800 a pair nearly made me feel guilty using the A5s. I‘ve listened to them for hours on end without fatigue and am nothing short of astounded by their balance, smoothness, imaging and detail.“
Mix online (USA), 02/2009

“As they stand, the Adam A5s have really opened my ears as to how well high frequencies can be reproduced by a ribbon tweeter. If you’re in the market for a tiny nearfield you must put these monitors on your audition list.“
Audio Technology (Australia), 02/2009

“The ADAM A5s are superb loudspeakers for the price. They are compact, versatile and can be used with any source from an iPod to a full-blown hi-fi system, and will offer the same sort of confident and dynamic performance to either.”
Hi-Fi World (GB), June 2009