A44H Review at Gearspace.com


The ADAM Audio A44H studio monitor from our A Series has received 5 out of 5 stars in all categories in a recent “pro review” on Gearspace.com. Here are a few excerpts from the author “Graham~”, who also tested the A7V loudspeakers previously:

  • “Due to their low profile I can see them being a very good option for a multi channel setup and in fact an A44H would be an excellent option as the center speaker in such an immersive setup.”
  • “Despite their compact size, they provide a powerful, dynamic and precise sound that deliver an enjoyable experience.”
  • “[…] but for me they sounded fabulous and I really enjoyed their wide sweet spot.”

“I have no qualms in saying that like myself, many people would be extremely happy to work with these in front of them for extended periods of time.”

Check out the full review on Gearspace.com!