A3X Review by "Hörerlebnis"


Berlin, November 15, 2011

“So small and yet so big”: Under this headline the german hifi magazine Hörerlebnis has published a small but notable review of the A3X, the smallest member of ADAM’s professional monitors. The author Andreas Limbach did not conceal the fun he had with our speakers.

With the ADAM A3X you become able to listen analytically in the best meaning of the word without the fun for music to lose. […] Summary: I don’t know any other speaker for around 400 Euro the pair that could rival the A3X. To my mind they are wolves in sheep’s clothing […] With those active transducers one can listen happily for a long time until the next speaker purchase is due (of larger ADAMs). Speaking for myself I have only words of praise for the Berlin-based company.

The complete review in German can be found in Hörerlebnis (Issue 76, pages 45-48).