A3X review by AudioStream.com


Berlin, July 26, 2012

Michael Lavorgna from AudioStream.com recently reviewed the A3X and compared our smallest professional desktop monitors to their multimedia siblings – the ARTist 3s. Please read here some excerpts of that review, which you can read at full length on the AudioStream website.


ADAM’s Tempting
I’m going to agree with, by editing, myself. Here’s what I said in the ARTist 3 review, “A practical take-away is if you want to tweak the basic goodness of the ADAM sound, the A3Xs may be a better choice.” And the only thing I will change is that “may be” to “are”. The A3Xs are a great choice for a powered desktop speaker if you don’t mind having to add your own DAC in between your computer and the A3Xs and you really shouldn’t mind since you’ll end up with better sound. Yes, you could skip the DAC by using a 3.5mm to Stereo RCA cable but then you’ll only be hearing a tiny fraction of what the A3Xs can do (which also means you’ll only be hearing a tiny fraction of what your music sounds like).


So its clear that I like the ADAM A3Xs and I knew I would based on my time with their upscale cousins the ARTist 3s. While I don’t miss the things the A3Xs leave out and really prefer not having them, I wonder if there are some sonic differences but I no longer have the ARTist 3s here and it has been too long to offer a meaningful comparison. If I still suffered from Audiophile-angst, I might be frozen in place at the thought of “different and/or better”? But thankfully I got over those comparative compulsions long ago and the A3Xs do not leave me wanting in any department all things considered. Can we get deeper bass with a larger speaker? Yes. Can we get cheaper or more expensive speakers that sound different? Sure! Is different better? Maybe.

The point I’d stress is you need to hear a speaker to know what it sounds like which is also the only way you’ll know if you like it. So if you’re looking for a powered desktop speaker in this price range, I’d suggest you give these ADAMs a listen.

Michael Lavorgna, AudioStream.com, July 16, 2012

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