A3X and A7X reviewed by Monitor Scandinavia magazine


Berlin, June 21, 2010

Everybody waited eagerly for the new ADAM AX-Series. The first editorial teams of international trade magazines and online portals have already swooped for the brand new monitors to review directly after their launch in March. Now the danish Monitor Scandinavia magazine also belongs to that ones by reviewing ADAM´s A3X and A7X. Published in its June issue, they reached the following result:

“Conclusion: With the new AX series Adam has proved that even a reputable and popular speaker series can be improved. The new X-ART driver, the newly designed amplifiers and the small improvements in the bass drivers, leaves one with hands up over his head.

A7X sets standard for how an active monitor pair for less than 10.000 [DKK] may sound. This speaker puts the realities of the technical aspects of the recording at the table, raw and unsweetened and that is exactly what we sound engineers need. For ordinary pleasant listening at home in your living room A7X is not the obvious choice, but it is not what it is created for. A7X is a true listening tool.

A3X cannot help but suffer a little in this double test, but in cases where its small size and minimal space requirements are important, it is a good bid for the right monitor. It has the analytical characteristics in common with the bigger A7X if it just is allowed to play with moderate volume.”

Please find here the danish Test review.