TikTok Duet Competition25 Days of ADAM Audio


ADAM Audio is happy to announce the company’s first ever TikTok competition!

As part of our holiday campaign, we explore the unique collaboration functionalities native to the social media platform and invite all creatives to “duet” with ADAM Audio. For that the team has put together a fun percussive track using nothing but our products (and packaging), allowing for a vast variety of additional layers.

Among all participants, we will raffle a pair of ADAM Audio T5V studio monitors plus a T10S subwoofer, making for a perfectly matched full-range system. Participants will have time until December 16th (12:00 pm CET) to create and post their duets on their TikTok accounts for this worldwide competition. There are no limitations when it comes to genre or style, but submissions need to be original.

  • To follow the competition, make sure to subscribe to the official ADAM Audio TikTok channel here.
  • For terms and conditions, please click here.

Cringe or lit, that remains to be seen. Happy duetting!

Update (19th December): The competition is over. Congratulations to @dani.erres – you have won the T5V + T10S bundle!