Meeting Anders Jovaag [Creative Director]


This is one of many articles (to come), where we would like to introduce members of the team at ADAM Audio through short interviews asking them about their roles and what they are passionate about. Please meet: Anders Jovaag, Creative Director at ADAM Audio USA.

Hi Anders, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I grew up in the Midwest United States and moved to Nashville to pursue Audio engineering after studying video production at my four year university. I started at ADAM Audio, working in the marketing team and combining my passions for both video content and audio into one exciting role. We love living in Music City and plan to stay here for many years”

What does your role as Creative Director entail at ADAM Audio?

“My role as creative director varies day by day and it requires me to be a wearer of many hats… Whether it’s leading video production for our content channels, designing a website, or creating advertisements for our dealer or media partners. I’ve loved every second of working on this team and the creative collaboration that is involved on every project.”

Do you have a personal connection to music production?

“I play guitar… poorly and have done hip-hop production for roughly a decade as well, so my passion for music and its creation runs deep. As I mentioned above, I came to Nashville to study audio engineering and the art behind recording and mixing records so I’ve tried to integrate myself into many stages within the music production process and love every bit of it.”

Are there creative people you particularly admire? If yes: why?

“There are many creative people I personally admire over a varying array of mediums. Joe Greer creates stunning film photography that can sometimes be mundane subjects, but he photographs them in a way that brings them to life. I also love YouTuber Joel Haver’s endlessly entertaining videos, but mostly for his sheer drive to create something new every single week with many years not seeing any return at all.. just for the sake of creation.”

If you had all the time and resources – what creative project would you realize?

“Not necessarily a creative project, but a space to create projects would be my goal. I’d love to have a huge, impeccably designed space with lighting and cameras permanently in place with a modern, clean background that we can shoot any number of videos in, whether it’s tutorials or lifestyle shoots or anything in between, all seamlessly working once you hit the record button.”

What have you learnt about yourself working at ADAM Audio?

“I’ve learned a lot about myself with my time here at ADAM Audio. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is how much I need variation in my day-to-day work. The difference in what I do keeps me excited and inspired every day.”

What is your favorite leisure activity?

“My favorite leisure activity is either hiking in beautiful areas of Tennessee or creating music in my home studio setup.”

What is the soundtrack to your life?

“The soundtrack to my life… if this is essentially my favorite album of all time I’d have to say either “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire or “Like Clockwork” by Queens of The Stone Age.”

In addition to standing behind a camera a great deal of his time, Anders can also be regularly seen in front of it as the host in many of our tutorial videos, just like this one:


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