ADAM Audio ramps up production again

ADAM Audio manufacturer of high precision studio monitors, Berlin

Berlin, January 21, 2015

ADAM Audio has brought the production of F, AX and SX series monitors as well as subwoofers into full swing again. The first models of the AX series will be sent from Berlin to the ADAM dealers in late January already.

“With the change of ownership late last year we now have the necessary resources to ramp up production again. There is still much work ahead of us as our order books are full. Of course we are very pleased about this, because it shows us that the demand for our monitors remains unabated, ” says Sven Schmöle, Managing Director of ADAM Audio.

The AX series monitors are among the most successful products made by ADAM Audio. Well over 100,000 models have been sold globally, with the A7X being the undisputed bestseller of this series. As one of the most balanced and versatile speakers on the market, the A7X impresses with its translucent sound image, tonal depth and stereo localization. This explains why it is by far the most reviewed and award-winning monitor in recent years.

An essential signature feature of the A7X and all ADAM monitors is the X-ART tweeter. With a nearly flat frequency response reaching up to 50 kHz, the proprietary, handmade in Berlin tweeter sets the standard in terms of transparency and clarity.