A7X: Editor´s Recommendation


Berlin, September 30, 2010

After one’s made the decision to purchase a new pair of monitors the truly difficult question comes up: which ones? In its October issue the German Beat magazine published a market overview of active speakers up to 1000 €. ADAM Audio’s A7X was part of the game and finally came out as “editor´s recommendation”.

The result

“Those who appreciate the sound of the ART tweeter will be delighted with the new X-ART model. Once again, ADAM improved its resolution of detail and impulse behavior. The A7X sounds highly homogenous with a tendency towards brilliance. Mids are well reproduced and beyond that the section of crossover frequency is hardly audible. Additionally in the bass frequencies, the speaker appears calm and balanced, although the deep bass range should be backed up due to the speaker´s small measurements.”
(Beat, 10/2010)

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