Studio d’EstradeImmersive Sound in the midst of nature

ADAM Users

Established in 2023 in the heart of a picturesque 25-hectare park in Agen, France, Studio d’Estrade is a haven of sound creation surrounded by nature.

Primarily focused on music for images, films, and series, as well as classical, jazz and pop music, Studio d’Estrade has adapted to the changing needs of the music and recording industry, in a world where remote collaboration has become the norm. Beyond their state-of-the-art equipment, Studio d’Estrade offers a spacious and inspiring mixing space in a unique location in the heart of nature, surrounded by acres of greenery.


Founded in 2002 by sound engineer Simon Derasse, the studio was soon equipped with a 5.1 and then, later, a 7.1 audio system. Simon Derasse is a talented musician and sound engineer, who honed his skills at prestigious institutions in Nice and Marseille before establishing himself in Paris, working in renowned studios and contributing to live jazz recordings. Beyond engineering, he’s a composer, arranger, and valued member of SACEM.

During the move from 5.1 to 7.1, it became clear that the natural evolution to offer an even more immersive sound experience was to eventually switch to Dolby Atmos, a household name in spatial audio. This change marked a new era for Studio d’Estrade, enabling them to place the listener at the heart of the music, surrounded by three-dimensional sound.


The studio is equipped with a total of 11 ADAM Audio S3H midfield monitors to allow precise and even distribution of sound in space, creating a truly immersive listening experience. When asked, why he chose the S3H monitors for Studio d’Estrade, Simon Derasse answers that he was particularly impressed by the quality of mix transposition, as well as the fidelity of sound rendering and tonal balance. For him, the value for money of ADAM Audio loudspeakers is unbeatable.

The studio is also equipped with Focusrite RedNet 3 and RedNet 5 Dante converters, which enable the speakers to be linked in AES with the Pro Tools HD.