Studio 432HZA Creative Oasis in the Spreewald Forest

ADAM Users
ADAM Audio S2V studio monitors at the Studio 432 HZ of the spa hotel

To many music professionals, it’s an all too familiar feeling. You’ve just got back from a grueling tour, or completed a big music production. Or you’ve won the contract for a film score after an exhausting pitch and bidding process. Your batteries are almost empty. You need some time to catch your breath, some space to recuperate yet in a way that keeps you connected to your business. After all, the next show, the next album, the next project are just around the corner. Where do you go? If you call Berlin your home, then you’re in luck. The Kulturschmiede Marstall, a foundry for cultural production, offers a unique facility designed for the needs of creative professionals: Studio 432Hz. Both Marstall and Studio 432Hz are part of a unique and ambitious hotel complex located only 100 km southeast of Berlin in the idyllic Spreewald recreational region.

“It was always our desire to be more than ‘just’ a hotel, to offer a place that moves people emotionally, that inspires them,” explains hotelier Daniel Clausing. “People come here to recharge their batteries, to get a sense of distance and to be able to focus on the details.”

Studio 432Hz is part of the Marstall building, in turn a component of the Hotel Bleiche Resort & SPA complex. Its generously proportioned rooms offer a sumptuous atmosphere. In fact, it’s not so much a studio in the narrow sense as a place designed to inspire. Not only musicians but also directors, novelists and screenwriters find the perfect sanctuary here that offers an atmosphere perfectly balanced between creative relaxation and productivity.

ADAM Audio S2V studio monitors at the Studio

A crucial tenet during the technical specification phase of Studio 432Hz was “as little as possible, as much as necessary”. From a MIDI keyboard and premium audio interfaces to a wonderful piano built by Seiler in the 1920s all the way to a harp: creative minds will find everything they need to make their inspiration audible.

Daniel Clausing placed special emphasis on the monitoring system installed in Studio 432Hz. “The creative process, the moment in which a song, for example, comes into being has to be immersed in positive feelings. I feel that with ADAM Audio’s S2V monitors, our Kulturschmiede facility is able to instil exactly those kinds of positive emotions. These ADAM Audio monitors create a beautiful, warm and rounded sound. They’re just fun to work with. As we’ve seen in the past, the combination between these speakers and our studio space results in an environment in which someone can work for 14 hours without feeling fatigued.”

Another decisive factor in the decision to install the S2Vs was their compact design. As a lightweight, portable solution, this monitoring set-up can be adjusted or moved as needed; a pair of speakers can even be placed in a guest’s hotel room, should the customer require it.