Samuel Umberto RomanoPerfect vocal manipulation with the ADAM Audio S3H

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Samuel Umberto Romano was born in Turin in 1972 and in the mid-90s he founded, together with Boosta and Max Casacci, a band that would make history in Italy, Subsonica.

Frontman, singer, author and composer, Samuel Umberto Romano makes his talent available in different projects and collaborations with many artists, until the release of his solo project which brings him to the Sanremo stage in 2017 (Festival di Sanremo 2017).

Thanks to his skills and his charisma, in 2019 he joined the jury of X-Factor Italia obtaining excellent feedback from the public: “I would like to turn the spotlight on the music I love, made not only of beautiful voices, but also of sounds of research and content to tell, paying particular attention to the authors and not only to the singers”. His particular technique in vocal manipulation combined with his intriguing melodies, have made him one of the most appreciated and authentic songwriters of the Italian electronic-rock scene.

“I chose ADAM Audio S3H monitors for my studio and I am thrilled about them. When I work I like to dedicate time to sound research and to do this I need precise and reliable tools. The well-defined character of the Adam struck me from the first moment, they are speakers that force you to listen very carefully and that always tell you the truth in return. Today the ADAM S3H have become one of the most important components in my studio and I could no longer do without it.”