Robert Lang StudiosWelcomes ADAM Audio S5H Main Monitors

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Producer Robert Lang in his studio with ADAM Audio S5H studio monitors

Robert Lang Studios

Robert Lang Studios located in Shoreline, Washington may seem unconventional in the sense that its design completely defies all acoustic techniques with its marble floors and its stone details; however, as an experienced Lang engineer explains it, “something about the way it’s blended together, it just works. It works beautifully.”

For the past 43 years, Robert Lang Studios has been a state-of-the-art recording environment for various artists to call “home”. This list includes everyone from a 17-year-old Kenny G, to Dave Matthews, to present-day Macklemore. Within this unusual framework of stone and marble, a certain magic comes to life for the artist that somehow allows the sound to build upon itself without becoming too live. Robert Lang himself began building the control room in 1993 and was criticized for “ruining the room’s sound” which he says, “just fed [his] fire.”

To accompany this amazing space, Robert Lang Studios needed some incredible speakers. Here the engineering team explains why the new ADAM Audio S5H main monitors created the exact sound they were searching for.


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„I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to be able to put these kick-ass speakers in this particular control room. They’re not going to vibrate or anything. It’s just going to be pure sound and, my God, I’m blown away.“