Riccardo Mazzaconnecting the Experimental with the S2V

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Riccardo Mazza ADAM Audio

Located in Turin, Italy, Experimental Studios is the brainchild of composer-producer Riccardo Mazza. The studio was designed with musical experimentation in mind and is comprised of a multitude of inter-connectable virtual and modular instruments. Amidst all the gear and state-of-the-art technology is a monitoring setup of the highest order, which includes a pair of ADAM Audio S2Vs.

“ADAM Audio is a must for anyone involved in electronic music,” Riccardo says about choosing the S2Vs for the studio. “My works vary a lot, from soundtracks to club music, and I need my monitors to be reliable in any situation, which is why I love the S2V.”

Along with his extensive background in experimental production work, Ricardo is also a professor at the High Musical Perfection School, Saluzzo. Throughout his career, he has contributed to and helped establish many leading artistic developments in audio technology. A recent example of this was the launch of the audio-visual Project-TO venture, which was built on years of award-winning psychoacoustic and physiological research that looked into the role of “sleep waves” and their application in artistic contexts.

In his studio Riccardo needs to be able to work in ways appropriate to the projects, using both in-the-box and outside-the-box techniques as he sees fit. With the studio operating as a quasi-matrix allowing all instruments, synthesizers, and software to be interconnected through the use of 500 link points, Riccardo finds it is possible to create new basic configurations of the whole setup with each and every new project.

“I was looking for a pair of monitors for my new studio when I tested the S2V,” Ricardo says, going back to his decision about working with ADAM Audio.

“I listened back to several of my works and I liked how their strong character and high precision sounded.”

“I was also very suddenly surprised by how dynamic they are despite their small size, and this makes a big difference, especially when compared to other monitors in the same range.”