Hit Producer Philipp AlbingerUses ADAM A8X Studio Monitors

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Philipp Albinger with ADAM Audio A8X studio monitors

With his stage name MUKASA, Munich-born Philipp Albinger is shaking up the music production scene in his new hometown Berlin. Only recently turned 21, he has already scored platinum and gold discs for his studio work and has collaborated with the likes of Glasperlenspiel and Bill Kaulitz, singer in Tokio Hotel.

In his home studio, Albinger relies on his ADAM A8X nearfield reference loudspeakers, as he explains:

“My A8X monitors provide the support I need, not just in a technical sense, but also artistically. They perfectly suit whatever genre of music I’m working with, and give me a highly defined sense of what’s happening in my stereo soundscape as I work, with no limits to what I can achieve creatively.”