Nobumasa Yamadagoes for ADAM Audio S3X-H Studio Monitors

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Nobumasa Yamada working with ADAM S3X-H studio monitors

Japanese Recording Engineer Nobumasa Yamada started his career at Toshiba, where he was an electrical circuit design engineer, before securing a position as a recording engineer at Victor studio.
He became a freelance engineer in 1993, and worked with artists including Love psychedelico, Fukuyama Masaharu, Minami Yoshitaka, Kondo Toshinori, Hitomitoi, Akikawa Masashi, at his amp’box Recording studio.

Having chosen the loudspeakers, he was asked to review them for Japanese magazine Sound and Recording:

Excellent sound focus and balance

“When I listened to the S3X-H for the first time, I could tell immediately that these speakers have great potential,” he wrote. “The sound is controlled nicely from the low-end to the top-end. Also, the balance of the sound is excellent. The sound is very focused and I like their tight imaging I can easily imagine that the performance of these speakers will get better after they are burnt in, so I am really looking forward to it.”