MusiCasaTraining Audio Professionals in the Low Countries on ADAM Audio A7X and T Series monitors

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MusiCasa: Training Audio Professionals in the Low Countries on ADAM Audio A7X and T Series monitors

With sites across Belgium and the Netherlands, MusiCasa is the premiere music production training establishment in the Low Countries. Founded in 2016 in Knesselare, Belgium, in only a few short years MusiCasa’s intake has grown to around 400 students annually enrolling in its courses in studio production, electronic music production and digital audio workstations like Logic, Live and Cubase. The designers of MusiCasa’s class-leading teaching curriculum prioritize not only well-founded knowledge and a wealth of industry contacts; central to MusiCasa’s success is its commitment to training students using the best audio equipment available.

The T Series monitors form the backbone of MusiCasa’s professional music production facilities, allowing teachers to demonstrate essential tools in the arsenal of any aspiring engineer such as compressors, EQ and effects plug-ins. Thanks to their dynamic range, sonic depth and clarity, the T Series monitors make it easy to hear and understand how these tools affect individual signals and overall mixes. As students take their first steps into audio production, ADAM Audio monitors accurately depict even the smallest alterations are having on the audio material.

Andy De Greve is one of the architects of MusiCasa’s unique approach. “Our students can work in the best recording studios the country has to offer,” he explains. “They can enjoy fully equipped control- and recording rooms and learn the skill of music production in a professional environment. The ADAM Audio A7X monitors have been a standard for many years in our studios and classrooms and have become one of our personal favourites. We like the overall sound of the ADAM Audio monitors and find the new T5V and T7V in their price range the right choice for our purpose.”

While the experienced staff of MusiCasa have come to rely on ADAM Audio monitors in their professional work on and off campus, the clarity and power of ADAM Audio speakers across all price points has immense advantages for MusiCasa students, too. “A good low-end is always welcome when it comes to nearfield studio monitors,” Andy De Greve says. “With a monitor you can trust, the mixing process becomes easier.”