Comments from multi-platinum artist/producer Ákos Kovácson the ADAM Audio S4X-H

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ADAM Audio S4X-V Akos Kovacs

Berlin, March 27, 2012

The Hungarian pop/rock singer/songwriter Ákos Kovács is a multi-platinum recording artist and producer of songs that routinely find their way up to the top of the hungarian music charts. We were more than delighted that this guy would grant us a glimpse at his recording studio which revealed his love for ADAM Audio speakers. This is what he told us when asked about his new babies:

“As a singer/songwriter and the owner of a state-of-the-art project studio I’ve been looking for the perfect mid-field solution for ages now. I’m absolutely delighted with the performance of my freshly bought Adam S4X horizontal monitors. The volume is incredible, especially for the size, the sound is crystal clear and the sonic spectrum is full – even at low levels. I haven’t switched these babies off since they arrived in the studio. The only downside is that I’m learning new things about our previous mixes, stuff I’ve never heard before. I wish I had them earlier!”

Ákos Kovács, multi-platinum recording artist and producer (Hungary),