Moon-soo Park [U-IL Soundworks]on the Importance of Directivity

ADAM Users

South Korea’s leading studio for K-Pop, TV & film discusses the importance of acoutics and monitoring

U-IL Soundworks, formerly Loudbell Studio, lies at the heart of Seoul’s media and audio industry. Founded by Moon-soo Park, and JunYong, the studio’s client list features many leading K-Pop artists, and TV and film production houses. “At U-IL Soundworks we can do recording, mixing and mastering,” explains Moon-soo Park. “Basically everything you need for pre-production.”

In the studio, the engineers use the ADAM Audio S3V as the primary monitoring solution. For recording, the studio uses a mix of hardware and plugins to achieve their desired result.

“In the case of mixing, I mainly use plug-ins, but when I need changes in tone, hardware is used for each sound source as necessary, and then hybrid mixing is carried out to finish the final bus,” explains Park.

What makes the studio special, is the attention to its acoustic details. Something Park pays particular attention to: “I put a lot of effort and time into the room acoustics,” explains Moon-soo Park. “After doing some studying on my own, I found a studio set-up company in Korea. They measured my studio and found the best speaker locations, and settings. The set-up was based on the S3V ‘Spinorama’ data provided on ADAM Audio’s website.”


One of the most important qualities that Moon-soo Park demands of his speakers is the directivity. “In the final stage of music production, narrow directivity and accurate listening are required,” the engineer explains. “Based on the sound from the speaker, the instruments must be well tuned. To do this, the sound needs to be analyzed honestly, and in this respect, wide directivity can cause many problems.”

Moon-soo Park has been using ADAM Audio monitors in the studio for over ten-years, creating finished products that his clients love. Now using S Series monitors, he is enjoying the high quality, and the resultant effect it’s having on his work. “The S3V has a soul that couldn’t be felt in the existing models. I think the S3V is the best product to expresses the sound that ADAM Audio pursues.”