Maveriq StudiosUniting talent with technology via ADAM Audio monitors

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Maveriq Studios is one of south-east Asia‘s premiere full-range studios, with a workforce of 15 skilled artisans offering highly developed skill sets across foley, sound design, song-writing, orchestration and audio engineering.

That flexibility is reflected in its studios, with six suites of various sizes able to fulfil multiple roles. Maveriq’s ability to react to the needs of the client is the reason media companies and brands like Netflix, BBC, Ed Sheeran, Toyota and Hollywood studios keep coming back. The mastermind behind Maveriq Studios is Paul Morrison, who trained in his native UK before moving to Kuala Lumpur to realise his vision for a nimble, multi-faceted and people-focused production company. “What makes us special is that we attract and encourage some of the most creative minds,” Paul explains. “A lot of the time, those creative minds are also coming from special places themselves… We’ve all got stories to tell. We all find unity in what we do, in a creative field.”

“We all find unity in what we do, in a creative field.”

Paul’s own success story began in early childhood, when the death of his father disrupted his ability to speak. “I carried my connection with sound with me, but I didn’t have a sound or a voice. I could hear everything but sound just didn’t come out of me. I was listening, absorbing everything. As I got older, it took a while for me to realize how important music is, in relation to sound and how it affected me personally.”

Building connections with others, including audiences, viewers and music listeners has been a constant driving force in his professional life, too. It’s pushed Paul and his team to the forefront of their industry, with a client list that includes some of the world’s biggest brands and broadcasters. Current projects at Maveriq include a six-episode series for Netflix, The Ghost Bride, as well as a series of top-tier ad clients. Past audio post projects include ADR on Transformers – The Last Knight and BBC’s Our Girl. Global superstar Ed Sheeran dropped by to record a few vocal parts for his new album while in Kuala Lumpur on tour.

Working at the highest levels of the audio industry requires the best production tools, including an outstanding monitoring system. Paul recently made the commitment to offer Dolby Atmos production at his facility, and moved to install a state-of-the-art 9.1.6 array. Having used ADAM Audio monitors for years at Maveriq, he decided to build his new system around the flagship S Series and installed 9 x S3Hs, 6 x S2V monitors and a Sub2100. “I was initially intrigued by the flexibility, given that they have parametric EQs and also various settings that can be per-programmed on every speaker allowing them to be moved between rooms and returned to anyone’s favored personalized settings.”

But staying true to his commitment to utmost flexibility, his Atmos surround array can be used for any task, including stereo music production. “We wanted to be in a situation where we could buy monitors to fulfill anything that we do, including Atmos. With that flexibility, it makes it very easy for us to use in any scenario we need it for.”