Martín Hernandezon how to catch the wind

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Martin Hernández, sound editor and designer from Mexico, is known best for his phenomenal work on sound for stunning movies.

He has received nominations for two Academy Awards for his contributions to the films “Birdman” in 2014 and “The Revenant” in 2015. For the latter, his work was also recognized with a British Academy Film Award. Martin Hernández heads the Post Sound department at Cinematic Media in Mexico City.

In our latest “In The Studio With …” video, Hernández discusses his involvement in season 4 of “True Detective”, called “Night Country” and directed by Issa López. He highlights their collaboration, stemming from their previous work on the film “Tigers Are Not Afraid” from 2017. After being brought into the project by López, they quickly form their vision for the sonic landscape of the new “True Detective” season, which is very much inspired by the rural and rough nature of Iceland, the location where most of the material was filmed.

Hernández details his approach to catching and conveying the intricacies of the sounds of a land of wind, which plays a crucial role in the series, pointing out the significance of quality speakers, like the S Series and the new A Series. He demonstrates how certain sounds, like a caribou scream or electric crackling, enhance storytelling subtly. Hernández also emphasizes the motif of sound-transformation, where one sound seamlessly transitions into another, reflecting López’s vision for the series.


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