Marc Ursellitalks ADAM Audio S5H’s

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Producer Marc Urselli in his studio with ADAM Audio S5H studio monitors

Grammy winning engineer Marc Urselli

Grammy-Award winning engineer, producer, mixer, and sound designer, Marc Urselli discusses why he chose ADAM Audio’s S5H Active Studio Main Monitor to fill his studio with “big” sound for when artists like U2 choose to track in the control room. After conducting a demonstration of the ADAM Audio S Series at his legendary recording studio, Eastside Sound in New York City, Urselli honed in on the S5H Main Monitors. Urselli not only felt attracted to these because of their size, but also because he appreciated how he could control their frequency response to best fit his studio.

„The S Control software has been very useful to me in making these speakers sound the way I want to hear them in this room. I basically use an analysis software to listen to the frequency response of the speakers in this room and made small corrections in the software in order to be able to get a frequency response as linear as possible. For me, the S5Hs are the best choice for this room. I’ve been very pleased with them so far and I’ve found myself doing a lot of tracking with them, something I usually didn’t do.“


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