Sound Designer & Musician Kevin Droese

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Sound Designer Kevin Droese in his home studio with his ADAM Audio T7V studio monitors

Videointerview with Kevin Droese

Kevin Droese is a talented musician and sound designer located in the East Bay area near San Francisco. His passion for sound-based effects brought him to his particular interest in boutique pedals, where years of trial and error led him to his newfound unique control over echo, delay, and his favorite, reverb. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Interactive Audio from Expression College for Digital Arts, Droese worked as an intern for Studio Trilogy. In 2014, he began working at California College of the Arts, first as an Audio Visual Technician, then as a Technical Specialist in 2016, and finally in Media Services to present date. He is also currently a Sound Designer at Earprint Immersive IMC.

All of this experience in the audio world has led Droese back to his home in West Oakland. He conducts practices and various projects, primarily independent sound-design contract work, all out of the comfort of his own studio that he set up in his basement. Alongside the theme of Interactive Audio, Droese recently finished up mapping out the sound design for an audio walk at The Getty Center in Los Angeles. The project allowed visitors of the museum to wear headphones while touring the various rooms of 17th century artwork and listen to sounds juxtaposed to fit the scenes depicted in the paintings. Droese’s extensive knowledge in the audio world has led him to appreciate the “honesty” in the Adam Studio Monitors with their intimate details of volume automation and precise panning abilities. His ears are definitely tuned-in to the music and Droese’s passion for sound design is not lost on any listener.


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