Musician & Producer Katie Gilchrest

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Musician and Producer Katie Gilchrest in her studio with her ADAM Audio T7V studio monitors

Katie Gilchrest im Videointerview

In July 2017, High Priestess released a 5 song demo that perked the attention of the underground heavy music scene. Ripple Music soon caught wind of the crushing fuzz and soaring harmonies, and High Priestess was signed to the label not long after. Ripple will be issuing a full release of the High Priestess demo as the bands self-titled first album in May 2018.

Katie Gilchrest, lead guitarist and vocalist for Los Angeles based doom metal band, High Priestess, also serves as the band recording engineer and producer.

“There’s a special feel about High Priestess, that intangible element where excellent songwriting, skill, and chemistry in a band collide to deliver more than the sum of their individual parts. ” Clint Willis, Doomcharts


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