Helderop StudiosFostering Creativity and Quality Sound

ADAM Users

The Helderop Studios are located in Laren and were founded relatively recently in November 2023. The studio was born out of a vision to create a multi-purpose space catering to the diverse needs of artists, bands, creatives, and content creators.

Equipped for audio, video, and photo production, Helderop Studios offers a unique proposition for their customers: Whether it’s recording live bands from various genres or producing podcasts and radio spots, the studio prides itself on providing a platform for artistic expression and collaboration.

One of the defining features of Helderop Studios is its commitment to giving artists control over their creative process. Unlike traditional studios, where a designated producer may be assigned, Helderop Studios allows clients to choose their own producer, ensuring a personalized and tailored approach to each project.


The studio boasts multiple workstations, recording rooms, and a control room, providing flexibility and convenience for clients. Whether renting the studio space or opting for recording services, Helderop Studios offers a range of options to suit different needs and budgets.

Beyond its technical capabilities, Helderop Studios prioritizes creating a comfortable and inspiring environment for artists. The studio features a cozy chill-out area complete with a pool table and bar, allowing musicians to unwind and recharge between sessions. “The laid-back atmosphere makes musicians creative and relaxed, which always benefits the recordings.”


In addition to its exceptional amenities, Helderop Studios offers a unique perk – a limousine service for artists traveling from afar. Whether arriving by plane or in need of transportation during their stay, clients can enjoy the luxury and convenience of a limo service, adding a touch of prestige to their experience.

When it comes to monitoring, Helderop Studios trusts ADAM Audio S3H midfield monitors to deliver superior sound quality and accuracy. “We tested several studio monitors, and these came out as the best. Affordable in combination with good quality.”