Eizo Tusin Studiosrely on ADAM Audio studio speakers

ADAM Users
ADAM Audio S3X-H and A3X studio monitors at Eizo Tusin Studios, Japan

Japan’s Eizo Tusin post-production studio has over 20 years of experience in editing video and audio for multimedia productions.

“We heard the ADAM monitors for the first time at the demo room of Continental Far East, when we were considering the installation of the S6As,” Yamashita recalls. “The deciding factor to choose ADAM was the monitor’s balance of the high frequencies. In the world of the high-resolution sampling, there has been a great improvement in AD/DA converter technologies. However, this improvement also results in frequent problems with distortion in the higher frequencies. We preferred ADAM monitors because they could precisely contain the distortion in the higher frequencies and allow us to control all of the frequencies throughout the audio spectrum.”

Superb and accurate sound resolution

“We also feel that ADAM monitors are ideal for monitoring ‘digital signals.’ When we installed the ADAM S5X-H and the S3X-H later on, we chose the monitors based on the size of the room. Because of our experience with the S6As, we selected these monitors directly from the ADAM line without wavering
between brands. I have used ADAM monitors exclusively for all of the projects I have done since 2006.”
“When we installed the S6As back in 2006”, Yamashita concludes, “ADAM Audio was a relatively new brand in the Japanese market. Since then we have received a lot of positive comments from musicians that the S6A is a ‘large monitor that easily allows one to judge how accurately the sound is balanced.’ Many also told us that ‘the sound resolution of the ADAM’s is superb’. As well as the comments from the clients, I myself feel that the ADAM’s are very accurate but easy to listen to.”

The studio has three rooms capable of recording and mixing all genres of video-related audio. For more information, visit www.eizotusin.co.jp.