Duff Harris chooses ADAM Audio T7V’S

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Duff Harris talks T7V’s and Eastside Sound

After college, Duff Harris left behind the strip-mall studio he built with his buddies in North, Texas to intern for Marc Urselli of legendary Eastside Sound studios in New York City. Under the guidance of Urselli and Eastside Sound owner, Lou Holtzman, Duff Harris began tracking in the incredible Eastside Sound facilities before heading home to mix. Harris explains that he needed a pair of reference monitors that would mimic the extraordinary sound his clients would take away from the rough mix after each in-studio session. Here Harris explains why the ADAM Audio T7Vs reproduce exactly the right sound. Without over exaggerating the bass and always giving him enough depth and nuance to pay attention to accuracy while mixing, Duff Harris reveals just how the T7Vs gave him enough volume to offer his musicians a loud, but flattering playback, while still giving him plenty of detail at lower mixing levels.


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