DJ and Producer Panta.QA Meteoric Career Built On ADAM Audio Monitors

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ADAM Audio S3H midfield monitors in Panta.Q's recording studio

Producer, DJ and guitarist Panta.Q is among China’s hottest musical talents. Racking up a staggering 100 million online plays, his creative success has pushed him onto Forbes China’s ‘30 Elites Under 30’ list.

The 29-year-old has been a loyal user of ADAM Audio speakers since beginning Berklee’s prestigious Music Production and Engineering course. To celebrate his selection to join one of the school’s most competitive courses, he bought a pair of ADAM Audio F5s – and has remained a loyal user of ADAM Audio speakers ever since.

Moving back to China after his studies, Panta.Q immediately set about carving out a career in China as a DJ and producer. His trajectory to date can only be described as meteoric, with his work garnering not only spectacular commercial success but also widespread critical acclaim and an enormous social media following. All his music is mixed and mastered on ADAM Audio speakers at his studio, a focused, minimalist space that now features a pair of S3Hs.

ADAM Audio user Panta.Q during a live show

“In my heart, I know that ADAM Audio monitors are the most accurate yet melodious monitoring equipment,” he comments in a recent interview with ADAM Audio. “When I was making music, I always got used to building a picture of music. The distribution of frequencies determined the height of the ‘screen’ while the stereo image of the music determined the width and the application of the orchestration and effects determined the depth. My ADAM Audio speakers fulfilled my demand for building this 3-dimensional sound space. Both the relatively low-cost T7V and the S3H model I now use in my studio can accomplish this.”

“In my heart, I know that ADAM Audio monitors are the most accurate yet melodious monitoring equipment.”

“After I’ve finished working, my ADAM Audio speakers are still the first choice for me when listening to music to relax. I love listening to great, dynamic symphonies, movie soundtracks, pop songs with prominent vocals and electronic dance songs with great compression. ADAM Audio speakers give me an objective explanation of each of these three types of music. I have often moved house but always placed my T7V or F5 in my bedroom or living room. Therefore, my love and trust towards this brand, and that of my family and friends, has persisted. Especially my roommates!”