CinthieReal sounds, real house music

ADAM Users

“I want my music to sound real.” Berlin producer Cinthie demands nothing less from her studio monitors, and with the ADAM Audio S3H, she has finally achieved this.

“Now the monitoring in my studio is perfect. This is mainly due to the excellent ADAM speakers”. Cinthie, one of Berlin’s most active, house music veterans, first took to DJing during the ‘wild’ nineties. By 2002 she had already released her first 12” on the Low Spirit sublabel Electric Kingdom under her then pseudonym “The Vinyl Princess”. In the following years, she perfected her DJ style and indulged fans around the world with vinyl-only sets that featured select house and deep house gems.

Keeping it ‘real’ and authentic for Cinthie also applies to her small, independent record store, Elevate Berlin. Coupled alongside the shop is her label Beste Modus and its various sublabels including 803 Crystal Grooves, and Beste Freunde. It’s through these outlets that the producer puts out most of her work, while her recent debut album however, was released on acclaimed UK imprint Aus Music. “There is nothing better for me than being able to play my track in the club and then being able to hold it in my hand as a vinyl.”

After Cinthie’s first studio fell victim to gentrification, the Berlin producer eventually realized one of her long sought-after dreams. “In my new studio, I finally have various analog devices at my disposal, including various vintage classics,” she says about her new workplace. “Before I used to work mainly with software, whereas hardware is more fun, and it inspires me. The inspiration also comes from the fact that a lot of the equipment is homemade. This creates a very personal feel – having something real.”

“I had several opportunities to listen to music via ADAMs and each time I was extremely impressed.”

With regards to the monitoring setup, Cinthie uses ADAM Audio speakers. In addition to having a real sound image, Cinthie places great value on having enough power, especially in the bass range. ”I used to have smaller speakers, but they reached their limits relatively quickly, especially in the low frequencies”. With her new ADAM Audio S3H midfield monitors, Cinthie knows for sure when a mix will work perfectly on any club soundsystem. “ADAM Audio loudspeakers have been a household name for a long time. They’re popular in the music scene, and it’s very rare that you don’t come across them. I had several opportunities to listen to music via ADAMs and each time I was extremely impressed. That’s why when it came to buying new monitors, ADAMs were at the top of my wish list. Following an extensive test phase I finally came to my choice. And last but not least ADAM Audio’s excellent customer service, which I appreciate very much.”