Blautoene Studios Vienna

ADAM Users
ADAM Audio studio monitors at Blautöne, Copyright

Since founded in 1996, Vienna’s Blautöne Studios are specialised in scoring TV and movie productions as well as in producing music as a daily business. Located in the city centre of Vienna, the studio offers generous, air-conditioned daylight rooms as well as highly skilled sound editors and engineers. All work stations are connected within the studio network. Altogether there are six control rooms available that split into two stereo suites and one surround studio used for TV productions, one hybrid control room for movie/TV productions in 5.1 surround format, one Dolby-licensed 7.1 theater room and one stereo studio for music productions. Additionally, Blautoene-Studios have three stereo and two 5.1 surround edit suites available.

Cross-compatibility between all work stations

At the moment most of the studio work runs into projects for TV-series, documentaries, full length movies and commercials. The biggest customers are Coca Cola, H&M, Danone, Nestlé, Erste Bank, Immofinanz. Asked for typical problems when it comes to studio monitoring, CEO Thomas Kathriner elaborates: “Cross-compatibility for TV, film, music and commercials between all work stations is of high importance for us. In my opinion, a good monitor should work as transparent as possible without any coloration of the sound and with a realistic depiction of tonal depths. A flat frequency response curve at different volumes is also important to us. The stereo and surround setups in our studios have been realized completely with ADAM S3A, in Studio 4 we use a surround setup of S3X-H, two Sub12 subwoofers and additionally six A5Xs set up in a diffuse surround sound circle.”

“Completeley gone ADAM”

The edit suites at Blautoene Studios can also be used both for surround or stereo projects and are equipped with A7X and A5X. For music composition there are also two stereo setups available consisting of S3As plus Sub12 and S2As plus Sub10 respectively. “Since 2004 we have completely gone ADAM, these monitors are much more transparent and defined than their predecessors in our studio. You can work with them excellently in all formats – with a little bit of experience for movie scores as well. We get a lot of positive feedback on them; in particular our customers and engineers appreciate the fact, that the material that was mixed in the studio sounds exactly the same on consumer devices.”