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S3H benni Dernhoff user story

“A good monitor must to be like a partner”.

Bold words, but Benni Dernhoff, a Hamburg based producer, songwriter, and mixer with a long list of credits – including Johannes Oerding, Namika, Revolverheld, Peter Maffay – means business. “A monitor has to be honest, does not lie to me and still has to make me feel good. In this respect I consider the comparison to be entirely legitimate.”

Benni Dernhoff has been following music all his life: from music lessons in his childhood to the obligatory bands at school before becoming a studio assistant at Franz Plasa’s famous H.O.M.E. Studios in Hamburg. From twenty years of age and onwards,  the former hobby became a daily job. Something Benni finds a real privilege, because who can make a living out of making music every day?

As an audio professional, Benni has learned to be creative at the push of a button. “Even if it is very nice, candlelight and red wine don’t make for a quick and creative workflow,” he explains jokingly.

However, an optimal work situation is imperative. In Benni’s large studio room, equipped with plenty of high-tech gear, there is an abundance of space for songwriting, arranging and mixing. For Benni and his artists, the studio is a creative workshop that is not only cozy but also invites you to work professionally and intuitively. An essential component for this is a monitor system that is reliable at all times.

Benni recently decided on a pair of ADAM Audio S3H monitors. “I’d got a good sound from my previous monitors, but I wanted to take the next step. So various speakers were ordered and set up in the studio. I am convinced that with enough time and getting used to, you can work well on any speakers.”

“Ideally, you immediately have a good feeling and hear your music unspoiled, with enjoyment. I had exactly this feeling with the S3H.”

That spontaneous ‘aha’ moment has been confirmed unconditionally in Benni’s daily work thanks to the ADAM Audio S3H studio monitors: “I like a transparent, linear sound that is not at all artificially inflated. It doesn’t help me if everything sounds great on my monitors, but not outside my studio. The S3H does exactly what they are supposed to. They are pleasantly linear and precise, which means that the low-end as well as the depth and stereo gradation of my productions have improved significantly. Nevertheless, the S3H does not sound at all sterile and delivers a reliable sound at any volume level. Strongly recommended!”

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