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ADAM Audio Classic Pencil Mk3 loudspeaker at b-sharp Studios in Berlin

For many years, b-sharp have been relying on the S3A and their recent successor, the S3X-H

“From Carnegie Hall in New York to the great cathedral in Chartres, from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the Kings Palace in Istanbul, from Rachmaninoff’s villa in Switzerland to the Musikverein in Vienna and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam – The speakers have been our portable reference and a rock solid companion for location recording projects around the globe”, Philipp Nedel, founder of b-sharp, says.

Asked about the Pencil speakers, Philipp continues: “When it came to furnishing our new studio in Berlin, we were looking for a surround setup that would translate our mixes from “on the road” into the studio domain (and vice versa) without giving us any surprises. The Pencil series, being a close relative of the S3A, was our first choice. “