Art Institute of California

ADAM Users
Art Insitute California uses ADAM Audio high precision studio monitors

Berlin, October 20, 2010

Although Nathan Breitling started the Audio Production program at The Art Institute of California (San Francisco) in January of 2009, the rapidly expanding department already has 91 students in the Bachelor of Science program.

Dr. Breitling understands that today’s audio production involves much more than just studio recording, which explains why The Art Institute’s expansive curriculum which offers courses in live sound production, gaming audio, sound design, audio for video/film production and post.

“We have a beautiful WSDG-designed room with an SSL Duality console, ADAM monitors and other cool toys. It’s a live room, a control room, an isolation room, storage, and machine room, with full-on room within room construction and floating floor. It’s an exquisitely performing room.”

In terms of ADAM Audio, “our primary monitoring system consists of ADAM S4VA midfields with two Sub Tens,” says Nathan. “I like the ADAMs because they make students really work at the mix. They’re not the type of speaker that just automatically flatters your sound. If your mix is wrong, they’ll let you know, which is exactly what I want in a monitor.”