Anton Kühl-Jørgensentalks ADAM Audio T7V’s

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Producer Anton Kühl Jørgensen in his studio with ADAM Audio T7V studio monitors

Producer Anton Kühl-Jørgensen

Originally from Denmark, Anton Kühl-Jørgensen moved to Los Angeles about six years ago to pursue his passion for what he calls “Urban” music. Related to world-renowned producer and songwriter, Jonas Jeberg, Anton was introduced to music at a young age and seems to conduct his practice in a similar style– minimalistic in set-up, working off a laptop for easy transport between studios, and always utilizing a pair of ADAM monitors to deliver the right kind of sound while tracking, mixing and mastering. Right now he spends about 90% of his time in his bedroom that he has converted into his working studio.

„Nowadays, I feel like you can really just have a studio in your bedroom. As long as you have your laptop, you really just need that and a pair of headphones, or a pair of speakers. Because I feel like what really is important is how you understand the sound more than where the sound is coming from.“

After graduating from Fairfax High School in West Hollywood three years ago, Anton connected with classmate LJay Currie and began producing music with him and “growing together.” Now signed with Capitol Records, LJay Currie has an EP coming out featuring some of Anton’s favorite projects the two collaborated on together. Watch here as Anton explains why the new T7Vs from ADAM Audio make mixing such a pleasure to work with.

„Some speakers can have this thing where everything kind of blends in together. But these ADAM T7Vs, they have a great way of bringing everything out into the room, which is amazing.“


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