Alejandro "Oaky“ CastellaniRecording and producing the best drum tracks with ADAM Audio A5X monitors

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Melding the skill set of a top drummer with that of an experienced sound engineer, Alejandro “Oaky” Castellani is a rising star in Argentina’s recording scene.

Garnering his first taste of recording technology with a humble Portastudio as a teenager, Alejandro’s commitment and passion drove him ever onward; now he is one of Argentina’s premiere studio drummers. Yet in parallel to his incredible skills as a drummer he has carefully nurtured his engineering skills. Alejandro finally decided to take his career to the next level and open his own studio to harness both his skills as an instrumentalist and an engineer.

To this end he constructed Ad Libitum, a multi-use space designed to accommodate a range of mixing and recording scenarios. “Nowadays I work in the studio recording drums for solo artists, TV commercials and films,” Alejandro explains. “At Ad Libitum we host bands who come here to track their records. My other clients include producers that need drum tracks for their projects.” The flexibility of his studio is the perfect arena for Alejandro to market his drumming, recording and mixing skills. For Alejandro, the ability to stay nimble and adapt his studio to the job at hand is critical.


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Alejandro’s monitoring system plays an important part in that commitment to flexibility. His current set-up encompasses a pair of ADAM Audio A5X and a Sub8 subwoofer. What was his first experience of ADAM Audio speakers? “My friend Tatu Estela had a pair of P11A and I was hypnotized by the clarity of that sound. The AX5 let me work for hours without getting ear fatigue and the X-ART tweeters are simply great.” Another facet of the A5X he leverages in his role as a producer is the ability to create mixes that translate well to other systems, including lower grade systems. “I don’t get any nasty surprises when I play mixes in the car, on a boombox or even cell phone speakers. What I put in the mix is there. There’s nothing there that I didn’t put there.”