Test the S Series in your own studio with our Demo Program

With our Demo Program we are offering you the opportunity to test our S Series studio monitors in a most familiar listening environment, your own room. We invite you to literally have a closer look (and listen) and to compare one out of three models from our flagship range against your current monitoring solution. You can choose between the ADAM S2V near-field monitor as well as the ADAM S3H and S3V midfield monitors or ADAM S5H and S5V main monitors.

Please read the terms and conditions and make your reservation via the form below.

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We will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange the shipment as well as the setup and provide you with further information. The demo is free of charge, limited to a maximum duration of two weeks and only available in Germany for the time being.


“The sound quality on this range of speakers is undoubtedly ADAM´s best yet and I was a big fan of the previous generation of S series speaker.”


“So what’s to dislike about the ADAM S3H? Nothing, I’m convinced. “

Brad Watts
Audio Technology

“These monitors have an absolutely perfect frequency response […] the main asset of the ADAM S3V is the possibility to do full-range monitoring […] even at high volumes.”

Maxim Liadov

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