Transducer technology

The A7 is an active two way nearfield monitor matching the ART tweeter with a state of the art 6.5“ Rohacell/carbon fiber woofer. This new cone material combines high rigidity and high internal damping with low weight. The resulting combination produces an extremely accurate monitor with all the clarity, detail and spectacular imaging traditionally associated with the ADAM name.

Amplification and front panel

The A7 is powered by two 50 W amplifiers (one per driver). The front panel features both a power switch and volume control.

Cabinet, enclosure and connectors

The A7’s upper corners of the cabinet are chamfered to minimize reflections. The A7 enclosure is magnetically shielded. The unit also features both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) input connectors, allowing it to be used in almost any audio application.

The best-reviewed monitor worldwide?

More than two dozen reviews by some of the world’s leading trade magazines have put the A7 through the acid test. More than two dozen times the results were outstanding. When compared to competitors, the A7 repeatedly became the pick of the bunch. When reviewed individually, the A7 received the highest marks. This makes the A7 a candidate for the title of the “best-reviewed monitor worldwide“.

Rear panel/controls

The rear panel of the A7 offers a number of controls to adapt the speakers to different room acoustics or personal tastes. The rear panel houses controls for tweeter level (± 4dB) and Hi/Lo shelving filters (±6dB) for both >6 kHz and <150 Hz ranges respectively.

The rear panel also includes both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs.


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