With its height of 106 cm, the Gamma is the smallest floorstanding speaker of the TENSOR family. The complex single piece enclosure houses two 9" HexaCone woofers at the front, which have been reengineered from scratch. They create both a depth and a precision of the lower frequencies that is unequalled by other loudspeakers of comparable size.

The X-ART transducers are used for mid and high frequencies, guaranteeing consistently amazing performance that is simply unique in its clarity, airiness and precision. The X-ART technology is a advancement on ADAM’s renowned ART technology and forms the core of all TENSOR speakers.

All drivers are mounted to an ultra solid 25mm aluminum front plate to avoid vibrations caused by the powerful cone drivers. The result of the drivers being much more firmly anchored in this manner is that their time behavior (and consequently their clarity) is audibly and measurably improved.

The top quality, WBT terminals are free from eddy current effects, allowing for a lossless transmission behavior.