TENSOR Series: Highest End

A completely new concept lies at the heart of the Tensor High-End-Series. Numerous new approaches and technical developments let this loudspeaker deliver an unfettered performance: the precision and harmony of all frequency bands guarantee an unparalleled experience of music reproduction. The Tensors combine all ADAM innovations with no-compromise materials as well as the greatest care in production.

After the presentation of the stand loudspeakers Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, which have caused a sensation among experts and enthusiasts, the series is now being expanded by two compact models as well as a center and a subwoofer.

The two compact TENSORs Delta and Epsilon have been designed for both high-class stereo and multichannel reproduction. To realize all kinds of multichannel applications, the Center and subwoofer have been developed.

A brand new feature found in the active Tensor speakers is the A/B amplifier, which has been designed by ADAM to perfectly complement the X-ART tweeter. This amplifier ensures that one of the outstanding features of the tweeter, its frequency response up to 50kHz, can be realized with no limitations.

All models can be delivered either active or semi-active (i.e. only the bass section is being driven by internal amplifiers). They are available in glossy black, glossy silver, or glossy black/silver.


The Alpha embodies everything that is technically possible – and a few things previously thought to be impossible – to reproduce music in a breathtakingly authentic manner in your home.

Two 13” HexaCone woofers provide the foundation for a breathtaking bass. Each one is driven by a 500 W amplifier and electronically equalized, resulting in explosive dynamics and an astonishing lower cut-off frequency of 20 Hz.

The upper cabinet possesses an impressive array that produces all the frequencies above 85 Hz: two 9” HexaCone woofer midrange drivers, two X-ART midrange units and one X-ART tweeter, the latter being driven by ADAMs own A/B amplifier.

Due to the symmetrical design (an advanced D’Appolito array) in relation to the tweeter, extraordinary and exceptionally favourable radiation characteristics are achieved, and reflections from the ceiling or the floor are notably reduced. Consequently, the spatial information in stereo configuration is outstanding, and the dynamic behaviour of an unchallenged quality.

Review: "New Active Speaker Reference"

“To make it short, the TENSOR Alpha will linger in our memory as one of the highest class and ‘highest fidelity’ speakers we ever were allowed to welcome in our listening rooms.”
Stereo (Germany, 05/2008)