F7 getestet von Resident Advisor


Berlin, 23. Juli 2013

Das Online Magazin für Elektronische Musik Resident Advisor testete im Juni unser größtes Monitor-Einsteigermodell, den F7. Lesen Sie hier eine kurze Passage des Tests im englischen Original.

„In use, the F7s are impressive, offering a much closer sound to their A series big brothers than their price might suggest. As the tweeter is born of the same design as the A series, you’d expect this area of the frequency range to offer a broadly comparable sound. However, I was equally impressed by the bass end, which offers reliable solidity. […| The stereo imaging is impressive and detailed, too, and there’s also more front-to-back depth in the sonic picture than I had anticipated. The sound overall is very controlled while still providing plenty of personality, with an open, warm and encouraging tone that nevertheless avoids over-sweetness or flattery. These monitors strike a good balance.“

Jono Buchanan, Resident Advisor, 5. Juni, 2013

Den vollständigen Test (auf Englisch) finden Sie bei Resident Advisor.