F5 getestet von CNET.com


Berlin, 11. Juni 2013

CNET-Autor Steve Guttenberg nahm sich neulich die F5 vor, um sie im Vergleich zu seinen gewohnten Emotiva-Lautsprechern auf seinem Schreibtisch zu testen. Lesen Sie hier einen Auszug aus dem englischen Originaltest:

„I’ve raved about Emotiva and various Audioengine desktop speakers many times on this blog, but the F5 is better – it’s my new desktop reference. It’s a higher resolution speaker, it’s more detailed sounding, has fuller bass, and a more open, boxless sound than the competition in its price class. […]

The speaker is remarkably clear but somehow avoids sounding harsh with any decently recorded music. The warm-ish sound balance flatters a wide range of genres, and the F5 has a more open quality that I’ve heard from any desktop speaker I’ve tested at home. Brian Eno’s „Small Craft on a Milk Sea“ album revealed new layers of spatial depth, and the bass definition and low-end drive on Bob Marley’s „In Dub, Vol 1″ album was pitch-perfect. Switching over to the Emotiva Airmotiv 4 speakers, the sound was brighter, more immediate and present, but also smaller, with less bass extension. The F5s‘ sound is more refined, and dare I say it, relaxed. I listened for hours at a time, and the F5s never irritated. I could also listen at quieter volume levels than with the Airmotiv 4s and never feel like I was missing detail or resolution.“

Steve Guttenberg, CNET.com, 25. Mai 2013

Den vollständigen Test finden Sie hier.