20 Jahre ADAM Audio: Foto-Wettbewerb zum JubiläumDie Gewinner


Unser Foto-Wettbewerb zum 20-Jährigen Jubiläum von ADAM Audio ist vorbei und war ein riesiger Erfolg. Danke, dass Ihr uns auf Eure Reise mitgenommen, Eure Studio-Fotos hochgeladen und uns eure Geschichte erzählt habt! Wir erhielten tausende Fotos und musikalische Highlights der letzten 20 Jahre aus der ganzen Welt.

Die Gewinner der ADAM Audio A7X Sonderedition in „white glossy“, des neuen ADAM Audio SP-5 Kopfhörers und des Pärchens T5V Studio-Monitore wurden nun ausgelost. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

ADAM A7X Studio Monitor

Erster Platz (A7X Sonderedition)

Gewinner: „penningzbeats“

Die Geschichte:

„My highlight in my whole life at the music industry was releasing my second song, because it is my best made ever till now, I really need to upgrade my monitors because these ones are not the best.“


ADAM Audio STUDIO PRO SP-5 headphone

Zweiter Platz (ADAM Audio SP-5 Kopfhörer)

Gewinner: Dmitry Libman

Die Geschichte:

„It’s crazy to get a chance to be able to work with so many amazing people bringing their visions to life. I didn’t think 10 years ago I’d be able to do this. Writing music has always been a passion for me but having it be my job is just crazy. This is also the cleanest setup I’ve ever had! Let’s make a record together!“


ADAM Audio T5V Studio Monitor

Dritter Platz (ein Pärchen T5V)

Gewinner: Isma Skillet

Die Geschichte:

„This is my humble and small workspace. I´ve been playing drums and guitar in some bands since my fourteen and for a long time I´ve been composing songs without any way to record and save that music. But it was until I took the decision to learn to produce because, if you don´t do it anyone else will make for you. Electronic music has saved me! Is awesome all the things you can make with a computer and a good daw!

Until now, comparing my productions with multitracks of famous songs and listen it in all the possible diferent speakers has been my unique way of monitoring. I know is time to get my first studio monitors and a basic acoustic treatment!😁“


Danke an alle, die teil genommen haben und viel Glück beim nächsten Mal!