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Berlin, 1. Januar 2009

Other Voices ist eine TV Musik Show, die in Dingle/Irland live aufgezeichnet wird. Der Schauplatz ist eine kleine 200 Jahre alte Kirche mit gerade mal 85 Sitzplätzen. Die Besonderheit dieser Fernseh-Show ist, dass Stars aus aller Welt in dieser Kirche auftreten. Denn keiner kann dem Charme der Kirche, des irischen Ortes und der Other Voices Crew widerstehen. In den letzten sechs Jahren waren über 100 Prominente zu Gast, darunter Amy Winehouse, Steve Earle, Ray Davies, The Charlatans, The Alabama Three, Super Furry Animals, Cowboy Junkies und David Gray.

Rave HD, ein internationaler Musiksender, der sich auf die Übertragung von Musikshows in HD-Format und Surround Sound spezialisiert hat, möchte Other Voices weltberühmt machen. ‚DanDan‘ FitzGerald, der für die Akustik der Show zuständig ist, nutzt diese Gelegenheit:

“This is a very small country, with very rare calls for 5.1 mixing. The setup you see here is a temporary installation, with thanks due to ADAM for helping make it happen. I tend to prefer and use older speakers. My Celestion Ditton 66’s and Spendor BC1’s are both legends. The Celestion does 18Hz to 40kHz with stunning mid from a soft dome driver. I have mixed on, or referred to these 66’s for decades. They are ageing, so I have been searching for a replacement. Ruairi O Flaherty loaned me his S3A’s. Subtle tweaks on their Eq put me in a familiar tonal territory. In fact, both of us were stunned with the similarity, and even mistook the speakers in A/B switching. The 5.1 setup here has the Spendor BC1’s doing the Surround work. Even with this ‚mix and match‘, I could still generate a coherent sound field by gentle use of the ADAM Eq. The ADAM bonus is that they reveal far more than the old speakers. They have great clarity without harshness, and a firmer, more even, Bass. Mixing is now faster and more accurate. Checking on a secondary system, yields few surprises. These speakers, I believe, have shifted my activities up a gear.”