Luca Bignardis Digisound Studio

ADAM Nutzer:innen
ADAM Audio S6A and S3A monitors in Luca Bignardi´s studio

Luca Bignardi, einer der führenden Sound-Engineers Italiens, äußert sich  zu der Installation seiner neuen ADAM Audio S6A und S3A Studio-Monitoren in seinem Digisound Studio in Bologna, Italien:


“When entering my recording studio, the reaction of my customers is a big ‘WOW’. Actually twice, at first when they see the place, and then when I turn on my ADAMs. The most usual reaction is: ‘I never had such a perfect listening from big monitors!’

Discovering new details without getting tired

With the ADAMs I discovered details and instruments I had never noticed before even in songs I knew perfectly well. The definition of these monitors enables me to work without getting tired, and thanks to the wide diffusion an- gle of the mid and high drivers I get the perception of the stereo image even when I find myself totally deplaced from the center of the room.”

The project of the recording studio was done by Chriss Clifford in collaboration with JVAcoustic.