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CBC Radio Canada trusts in ADAM Audio S6X main monitors and A7 nearfields

Berlin, 2. Juni 2010

Gut Ding will Weile haben: Es hat lange gedauert, bis der neue Flagschiff-Raum bei CBC/Radio Canada fertiggestellt werden konnte. Zenon Schoepe hat Montreal besucht; seine Reportage über das Ausnahmestudio findest sich in der Mai/Juni Ausgabe der englischen Fachzeitschrift resolution:

„Monitoring was a crucial concern and the team had gone to a lot of trouble to compare and audition different brands. ‚We blind tested our engineers and they all liked the sound of the ADAMs. It’s more natural,‘ says Alain Chenier (Chef Technician) who adds that other brands had seemed to work well in the studio but did not translate into the living rooms of the listeners. The main system, in what is a spectacularly spacious and airy control room with a remarkably low noise floor, is five flush-mounted ADAM S6X monitors.

CBC Radio Canada trusts in ADAM Audio S6X main monitors and A7 nearfield monitors

‚The image is really, really good and it’s a wide sweet spot because of the ribbon tweeter‘, states engineer Guy Charbonneau. ‚The best thing about these big speakers is you can work eight hours and you’re not really tired at the end,‘ adds Alain.“

Der ganze Artikel ist in der Mai/Juni Ausgabe der resolution 2010 zu finden.