ADAM Audio Student Discount Program

Dear students, welcome to the Student Discount Program of ADAM Audio and our distribution partners.

As we know that monitoring is a critical aspect of any creational and creative process that involves audio applications, ADAM Audio wants to play an important role in education of artists, audio engineers, editors and producers to be. Therefore, we created the Student Discount Program in close cooperation with our partners to allow you to work with professional equipment from the very beginning of your higher education.

Additional Information

  • How does the Student Discount Program work (in 3 simple steps)?

    1. Purchase any amount of ADAM Audio studio monitors and/or subwoofers that apply for the Student Discount Program at a participating dealer
    2. You get a 10 % discount directly from the dealer, if a valid student ID is shown and the Student Discount Eligibility Form (SDF) is completely filled
    3. The dealer will make a copy of your student ID and keep the printed and signed SDF

  • Which students can participate in the Student Discount Program?

    Eligible are all students with a valid student ID studying a music respectively audio or video related course at a higher education institute aiming for an academic degree or professional certification.

    Our understanding of the term “higher education” is in line with the definition on Wikipedia

  • Which dealers participate in the Student Discount Program?

    Please reach out to our distribution partner in your country to get the complete information on which dealers in your area take part in the Student Discount Program. You can find their contact information via our dealer finder

  • Which products are affected by the Student Discount Program?
  • Further terms and conditions of participation

    • The ADAM Audio Student Discount Program is valid for purchases from 01.10.2016
    • The Discount is not valid in combination with other discounts or sales promotion actions initiated by ADAM Audio (e.g. “Triple 7” bundle offering)
    • ADAM Audio reserves the right to rescind from the program anytime without advance notice
    • No specific individual has a right to the discount reward
    • ADAM Audio is not responsible for all eventual impacts on tax affairs of the participants
    • The declared buyer’s name on the SDF has to be identical with the declared name on the submitted student ID
    • SDFs without a buyer’s name cannot be accepted

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