D/A Converter

DA-SX: High accuracy D/A converter for the SX-Series

To work directly from digital sources ADAM offers a optional plug-in D/A converter for the SX series. The converter install easily into the back of the amplifier module and is designed to handle both AES (via XLR) and SPDIF signals (via RCA or TOSLINK). Additionally a word clock input allows external synchronization of the converter. ADAM Audio’s custom D/A converter is made to the highest technical standards and excels both in musical accuracy and technical data.

Controls and indicators:

„Mode” indicates:

  • the selected input,
  • the channel to be reproduced and
  • use of the word clock input.

A 5 step analog attenuator is included.

A male XLR output carries the chosen digital input signal so chaining to the other stereo speaker is possible.

Technical data at a glance:

  • THD+N @ 1kHz, 0dBFS, 24bit : ≤ -104dB = ≤ 0,0006 %at all sampling rates, bandwith: 20kHz (acc. to AES17)
  • THD+N @ 1kHz, -10dBFS ≤ -98dB = 0,0013 % at all sampling rates, bandwith: 20kHz (acc. to AES17)
  • S/N @ 0dB attenuation: ≥ 114dB
ADAM Audio Technologies - D/A Converter